Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Fee!!

josie turned three june 6th and was so excited! abby had been singing happy birthday to her for quite some time and she would always ask "right now? is it my birthday right now?" and i would explain it would be soon. so when we we all went into her room on the morning of her birthday singing happy birthday and she asked "right now?" we said yes!!! she could hardly contain herself! abby got her a slip and slide (she proudly picked came up with that gift idea). she also wrapped a few other gifts on her own. josie hugged the slip and slide when she opened it and she oooooed and awwwwed about the book she opened (that she has read 1,000 times b/c it was one we already had) i love that about abby- she cracks us up. there is nothing she loves more than wrapping and giving gifts. she will go into the playroom find something and wrap them for whoever. the funny thing is josie opens these gifts and squeels like she has never seen them. she enjoyed being the birthday girl all day! infact she refered to herself as the birthday girl a few times. she fell down while we were at the pool and she came crying to me saying "the birthday girl fell down" as you can see she wore he tutu and 3 shirt all day! the family went to chuck e cheese for games and pizza and back to our house for icecream cake! yummie! it was a great day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun in the sun!

Oh how the we love summer time and the pool! here are a few pictures of my two little fishies! they love to show me all their tricks in the water! abby also loves watermelon about as much as she loves the water! today she kept taking watermelon breaks and josie drank so much of the pool water today swimming without her floaties that her tummy looked like a watermelon before we left!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Abby's Very First Recital

Abby had her first ballet and tap recital last saturday! it was so much fun and she was the best (and cutest) ballerina i have ever seen! she had so much fun putting her makeup and costume on! she did tell me she was a little nervous when we got there that night, but she did great! Josie really loved watching Abby dance and couldn't help but call her name (which abby heard through all the noise and music and she turned and waved at josie during the middle of her show!) it was so sweet!

It's pool time!

we have been enjoying the pool the last week or so! we are so glad it's warm enough swim! they are both little water bugs! josie wants to swim without her floaties a lot of the time! she loves the pool just like her big sister! here we just had to model our new suits!