Friday, September 26, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

i have the cutest toothless little girl! tuesday night abby lost het other front tooth! she was so funny. everytime she looses one she says "that didn't hurt at all next time i won't be nervous!" and of course the next time she is a little nervous. it was so time for the tooth to come out and she has pulled all the other ones. i was playing bunko that night and hoped she would pull it before i left. she didn't, but when i got home it was gone. ryan said she was nervous so he was "doing cheers" (wouldn't you love to see that) to make her laugh. he finally said open your mouth and count to 10 and it will be gone. he said she looked at him and said "can we pray first?" she prayed that God would help her be brave and make it not hurt. then ryan prayed he prayed it wouldn't hurt either - he thought she would never trust him again if it did! she closed her eyes and counted and it was gone! they were both so happy!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Safari Park!

today was so much fun! jason, misti, my mom and i took all the kids to the safari park in crockett county. who knew somthing so fun was just around the corner! we all loved it. the drive through part was a lot of fun- you could see all the animals really well and some of them were so close you could reach out and almost touch them. there were so many unusual animals. the kids were amazed. after the drive through part, we parked and got to pet and feed some other animals. we got the give bottles to sheep, baby goats, & a baby camel. the giraffe was SO funny. the only one that would really feed the giraffe was abby. we laughed and laughed. it's tongue was so long and josie and luke were not crazy about that! there were talking birds, a monkey that would reach it's tail out and try to grab you with it, hiennas, and tiniest baby goat i have ever seen! well worth the short trip!


misti and i took luke and josie to eat lunch on the train car downtown and visit the train depot. they had a lot of fun eating on the dining car together and they loved the model train inside. they even got to "drive" it.! they are two cute conductors!

Happy Birthday Luke!

luke turned 2 last week! he came over for dinner and of course BIRTHDAY CAKE! all the kids liked the cake , but i think josie and luke loved it! we are getting as much luke time as we can as we count down the days until they move. :( we are so sad!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


since our florida trip was cut short we decided to take a trip over labor day weekend. the girls have never been to any kind of amusement park so it was off to dollywood! they both called it dollyworld instead of dollywood. they were excited. they thought they were going to see dolly parton. or dolly partner as josie calls her. and how they know about dolly parton at 6 and 3. hew haw. and how kids these days know about hew haw- great grandparents. they love to watch the hew haw dvds at my grandparents. they make then laugh! they think they are histerical!

One front tooth down-one to go!

abby lost one of her front teeth! she looks so cute and so much older at the same time! i laughed and laughed when she lost it. she looks SO cute and she talks a little different. her other one is REALLY loose. i can't wait to see her with NO front teeth! looks like we will be singing "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth!"

Fishing with dad!

ryan and girls have really taken up fishing this summer in our neighborhood pond! they all love it. ryan and abby went last year, but josie is so excited to go to now. it has been alot of fun, a lot of the neighbors go down in the afternoons and so josie has more social time than fishing time. but now abby and ryan take it serious! we took luke down one night and i got some sweet pictures. he and josie fed the fish a whole loaf of bread in a few seconds! now when he comes over and we take a golf cart ride when we pass the pond he says "see fishies?!" we are going to miss them SOOOO much! we love you lukie! (you too jason & misti!)


i know it has taken awhile to post these, but better late than never! kindergarden is in full swing and abby is loving it! it was soooo hard for mom, though! the first two weeks were so emotional. i cried and cried. i made it out the door of her room the first day and cried all the way to the car. josie was helping me feel better. the first day i made it out of carpool without crying, josie said "you didn't cry!!!" it took a bit for josie and i to adjust to most of our day without abby! we still miss her like crazy, but it is so much fun to hear about her day! she tells me what she learned, her favorite thing about her day, what she and her friends play at recess, etc... we have gone to have lunch with her several times and we all love that (dad too!) she sure is a cute kindergardner! (stay tuned for toothless pictures-we have lost one front tooth and the other is REALLY close!)