Saturday, September 20, 2008

Safari Park!

today was so much fun! jason, misti, my mom and i took all the kids to the safari park in crockett county. who knew somthing so fun was just around the corner! we all loved it. the drive through part was a lot of fun- you could see all the animals really well and some of them were so close you could reach out and almost touch them. there were so many unusual animals. the kids were amazed. after the drive through part, we parked and got to pet and feed some other animals. we got the give bottles to sheep, baby goats, & a baby camel. the giraffe was SO funny. the only one that would really feed the giraffe was abby. we laughed and laughed. it's tongue was so long and josie and luke were not crazy about that! there were talking birds, a monkey that would reach it's tail out and try to grab you with it, hiennas, and tiniest baby goat i have ever seen! well worth the short trip!

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