Sunday, July 27, 2008

the beach!

here are some pictures from or trip to the beach. actually it is most of them. there are not a lot, but the girls had a lot of fun in the little time we were there!we will do it again next year!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Abby turns 6!

abby turned six july 19th. we were leaving for florida on the nineteenth so we celebrated with family a few nights before we left. we asked abby where she wanted to go eat and of all places a soon to be six year could pick ( like chuck e cheese, mcdonalds, etc..) she chose el chico. she does love to go there, but then she let me in on a little secret about why she wanted to go. they sing to you. i guess one of the last times we went she heard them sing to someone and that is right up her ally. the funny thing is she got so shy went they did, she just froze with her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth. (you can see the picture). but she loved having everyone there to eat with her and we all came back to our house and had a maggie moos cake and presents! it was a lot of fun. they last few pictures were on her actual birthday the morning we were leaving for flroida. she was so excited to wear her birthday girl shirt again. josie woke up and saw the present on table and said "it's her birthday AGAIN?" when we got to florida that afternoon everyone in rosemary beach we saw said "hi birthday girl!" and she even got a birthday cookie at the rosemary grocery store from the chef!

Thanks for your prayers!

first, i just want to thank everyone for your prayers and phone calls. they have meant so much to us. and for those who don't know what has been going on ( since we have not exactly had it together enough to contact everyone) while we were in florida this last week for abby's birthday abby passed out suddenly and hit her head. most of you know that abby has fainted several times before, but she has never passed out without enough warning that i could not pick her up or get her somwhere quick to lay down. we had to go to the ER in florida where they suggested we do an eeg when we got back home. we left the next day to come home and went to vanderbilt to see a pediatric neurologist. they did not do any tests but thought it could be realted to a growth spurt. they suggested we do some testing here with our doctors on her heart just to rule that out. so that will be the next step. we are just relieved that they don't think it is anything too serious and hope these tests will confirm that. thank you for your prayers and we will keep you posted as we find things out! here are a few pictures of our patient after we got back from the hospital in florida. ( i am going to post pictures from our BREIF trip to florida and abby's birthday in a bit)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mommy's little helper!

Josie doesn't always like to clean up toys after she and abby play, but she does like to "clean" house with me. i was cleaning the other morning and she said she wanted to help. she got her broom and mop out and got started. she was obviously in the mood to do some deep cleaning as you can she. when she got under the couch she told me there was a "BIG MESS". abby got involved just to see the "BIG MESS" and she went back to coloring!