Tuesday, November 18, 2008

fall break

i have some catching up to do - as usual. i have been meaning to post our fall pictures for quite some time now. on abby's fall break we got to "finish out" our florida trip that got cut short this summer. and thankfully we had our last doctors visit with the cardiologist the day before we left. as far that that is concerned all the doctors agree that they think it was all related to her growth spurt. and as we visited doctors and they measured her everytime i was in disbelief. she did grow 2 inches in a little over two months. so with the good report we were off to florida for some family fun! we had so much fun! we put the girls to bed at home and then around midnight put them in the car and drove through the night. that went unbelieveably well. they slept until we woke them up around 6 a.m. for a breakfast stop. at that point we were almost there. we spent the next three days just playing at the beach. we are sold on florida in the fall! the weather was perfect. we saw more sea life than we ever had before. the girls probably found more than 30 hermit crabs. we saw dolphins all day every day we were there. we caught a good size fish and abby even go bitten by a crab! the girls still ask when we can go back. it was the most relaxed trip we had taken!

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