Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my little princess! kristie?

well this morning we were getting ready to go see memaw and papa, i was getting my hair done. josie LOVES to dress up so after i got her ready and was getting myself ready she went to the playroom to play. as you can see she got all dressed up and came to show me! she is so funny- most who know josie know that she has "other" names some days. for the most part she is callie or "cayee" as she has always said. but these days you never know. so this morning when she came down all dolled up i told her how beautiful she was and that the was the prettiest little princess josie i had ever seen! she then told me she was kristie, so of course i played along, but even when we put it all up and got in the car to go i said something to josie and she didn't say anything for a second and reminded me she didn't know josie but kristie was in the car! what a little nut!

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